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Server Services


A server is defined as a piece of hardware that contains web sites, e-mail accounts and database information on the internet. Servers, ie servers, are computers in data centers that respond to file sharing, use and access requests of devices in a network environment. Web hosting and server service are different concepts from each other. While certain rules must be followed in web hosting service, there is a system in server service that can be managed and edited as you wish. Let’s explain the web hosting and server rental processes more clearly as follows; you are staying in an apartment. Think of this apartment as web hosting services. You do some of your work in a limited way so that other people living in the apartment are not disturbed. Think of the entire apartment as a server. Since you are the owner of the apartment, you can perform all your work as you wish. You can set your own rules in server services and provide the management you want. So, in which cases should the server be purchased and rented?


In Which Cases Should Server Be Hired?


As Gloddia, let us clarify the issue of “Why should you choose the purchasing method?”


Since the companies we work with want more advanced infrastructure on their websites,
To reduce the costs incurred during server purchasing,
If the server service you have previously purchased is consuming excessive resources, you can request a server lease service from Gloddia.




Our company, which has been operating in the sector for many years, constantly follows the current developments in the field of telecommunications in order to provide better quality solutions to your needs. With our young and dynamic team, you can safely host your data on our servers physically and software. 24/7 technical support, site traffic monitoring and report generation, uninterrupted access and security are just a few of the services we offer to our valued customers. In order to benefit from Gloddia privileges, you can reach us and get the service you want.

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