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Gloddia is a well-established agency working with leading companies in the digital marketing field. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we have gained so far in performance marketing, we offer rational solutions to your problems and your desire to develop by using technology. In other words, Gloddia continues to work as your gateway to the digital world.


Thanks to our superior working performance and work ethic, we start our work by analyzing the requests of our customers very well. We contribute to the development of transaction volumes by providing marketing support to companies operating in many fields such as e-commerce, production, service and insurance.

Digital Consultancy

Gloddia offers you online opportunities to develop your business. We start our work with a large team and we try to produce rational mechanisms by finding the points you have difficulties in the marketing process. If you or your company need assistance in digital marketing, you should definitely visit us.

Brand Marketing

If you want to be heard with your brand in the digitalizing world, Gloddia is capable of responding to your requests. It is our job to produce ideas that will take your company one step forward, with various strategies, taking into account your wishes and development potential.

Performance Monitoring

We carry out great works together with our teammates in order to reach the level of success you want your brand by using all the necessary resources. During the development, we make the necessary performance monitoring and send the reports of this to you. Thus, a more real picture appears and you get an idea of how to take the next step.

Traffic Analytic

Gloddia; With Google Analytics, Adwords, Data Analysis, SEO and Social Media Ads, it meticulously carries out all kinds of work required for the development of your site and your business. Thanks to the services we offer, you can see the traffic coming to your site more clearly and increase your transactions accordingly.

Conversion Optimization

İşinize gereken önemi vererek, daha fazla harcama yapmadan site içerisindeki dönüşümlerinizi nasıl artırabilirsiniz? Bu sorunuzun cevabı Gloddia’da. Sitenize olumlu geri dönüş elde etmek ve doğru hedef kitlesiyle çalışmalar yapmak için gerekli olan tüm çalışmaları birlikte yapıyoruz.

Social Tracking

As Gloddia, we follow the entire process closely during your development. By seeing the shortcomings of your company, we offer effective solutions in a short time and contribute to your performance. We determine the necessary performance targets for you and make their evaluations.

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